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After 4 Knee Surgeries, Dwayne Johnson Was Forced to Give Up on This “A** Kicking” Bodybuilding Exercise Despite Being a Tough Guy

Nov 25, 2023

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Dwayne Johnson is famous among the millennials for his legendary stint in WWE. And now Gen Z recognizes him for his storied Hollywood career. But before The Rock forayed into Hollywood, he was the front-runner of the Attitude Era alongside Stone Cold Steve Austin. If there's one thing that has remained constant in Johnson's life, it's his magnetic physique. However, The Hercules actor was forced to give up on a crushing leg exercise due to having four knee surgeries.

It's a well-known fact that wrestling is injury-prone. It is also impossible to have a wrestling career without getting injured. Dwayne Johnson's knee surgeries proved to be a fly in the ointment, keeping him from doing the dreaded, Bulgarian Split Squats in the gym. However, Johnson's knee seems to have fully healed as he was seen banging out a variation of the Bulgarian Split Squats.


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Dwayne Johnson is undeniably one of the most disciplined celebrities on this planet. You can catch him waking up very early for a clangin’ and bangin’ session at the Iron Paradise. Taking to Instagram, the WWE legend-turned-Hollywood icon posted a video of him performing the Bulgarian Split Squats. The exercise primarily helps build core stability, quadriceps, glutes, and adductors.

Moreover, in the Instagram post, The Rock looks like he's getting ready for a wrestling match, working out to "Hungry" by Rob Baily and The Hustle Standard. The 51-year-old explained in the description section that he added the Bulgarian Split Squats to his leg routine after years as he had torn the top of his quad off his pelvis in a wrestling match. And as noted above, the grave injury led to him having four knee surgeries.

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The Rock said, "Haven't done these in years due to my 4 knee surgeries and I tore the top of my quad off my pelvis (in a wrestling match) so deep single leg movements like this can be a burning bitch. But we gotta get consistently push and challenge ourselves daily or else life ain't no fun"

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Nevertheless, Dwayne Johnson vows to be the hardest worker in the room, wherever he goes. His workout videos never fail to motivate his fans to give their best at the gym.

Dwayne Johnson loves to go to war with the weights not just because he is a bankable celebrity in Hollywood but because going to the gym is something sacred to him. For Johnson, loading the bar and lifting them is beyond just doing it to feel or look good.


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In a video on his YouTube channel, Johnson stated that he doesn't load the bar with plates alone, he also puts his anxieties, his fears, his hopes, and his dreams on the bar.

"I don't just load these bars with metal plates. I put everything on them," he says. "My anxieties, my fears, my hopes, my dreams, and my responsibilities as a provider, a father, a husband, a businessman," said Johnson.


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To have a mindset like that is rare. But Johnson teaches his followers that nothing is achieved in life without a lot of hard work.


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Dwayne Johnson finally adds the Bulgarian Split Squats to his Leg Day routine after years The Rock goes to war every time he steps foot in the gym Watch This Story: WWE Hall of Famer Who Rejected Romantic Advances From Dwayne Johnson, Reveals How She Chose Her Passion Over Money