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Mag Autoblok Introduces 5

Jul 24, 2023

Wheeling, Ill. - SMW Autoblok Group, a world leader in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of premium workholding solutions for the industrial market since 1942, introduces the MillTec circular magnetic chuck for precision 5-axis machining.

Working on 5 axes allows the use of shorter tools to increase the feeds and the cutting speed. With a machine equipped with this technology, it is easier to carry out complex operations with 5-side access to the part including: complete profiling, the undercut working, the through holes, and the creation of pockets.

Best machine performance is achieved when all five faces of the workpiece are accessible, however, with traditional locking systems, the processing area is limited by the presence of the brackets, which often require multiple setups. With MillTec the workpiece is clamped from the base, without any obstacle to the tool.

Additional features of the MillTec round include:

The reduced thickness (MTG: 42mm – MTB: 51mm) and lightweight, facilitate the machine's performance, improving the useful range. MillTec presents a steel frame which can be machined to create references, holes, or alignment keys.

SMW Autoblok's Mag Autoblok division includes a full line of permanent electromagnetic chucking systems for quick and flexible workholding on horizontal and vertical milling machines, vertical turning centers, FMS systems, grinding machines, EDM's, etc. A full line of magnetic lifters for loading and unloading workpieces on is also offered.

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