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Matt Pike & Lace Music Introduces Firespitters Humbuckers

Jun 13, 2023

Matt Pike, guitarist/frontman of Sleep and High on Fire, collaborates with Lace Music on unique humbucker pickups available as a set, neck only, and bridge only.

The third collaboration between Lace and Pike has developed yet another set of distinct metal-tone humbuckers. For the first time, in the Signature Pike humbucker lineup, there is a fourth option of a middle humbucking pickup to join forces with the Firespitters bridge and neck set. Metal guitarists can now blaze away with guitars outfitted with three humbuckers as a Matt Pike optional tone addition.

Firespitters feature the famous Lace patented pickup design featuring barium ferrite magnets. A fine copper gauge wire wound on the Micro Matrix Comb bobbins. Matt Pike specifically designed each of the humbucker size pickups, for the three different positions now available. This new Pike model is only available in chrome and burnt chrome with the Lace method of distressing the finish. A Pike-designed skull with a lyre design is laser etched into the heavy brass pickup covers.

Matt Pike Firespitters pricing starts at $ 142.99 US. For more information, please visit