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Steve Aoki’s Authenticated Signature on a Funko Pop Lands Someone $800 on ‘Pawn Stars’

Jun 02, 2023

The World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, where Pawn Stars is set, is a lawless land where no question is deemed too ridiculous — like a woman coming in and asking for $2,000 in exchange for a Funko Pop and some trading cards signed by Steve Aoki. The collector's item itself sells for less than $20 online, while the cards go for around $50. But his signature written across the front of the packaging in gold sharpie boosted the value by $1,880, at least in her eyes.

Austin "Chumlee" Russell, who leads the long-running series and tries to be funny enough to make it remotely interesting, needed a bit more information before handing over two grand for a piece of plastic and 100 baseball cards. Plus, it's not like Aoki's signature was entirely convincing — it was just his last name written in bubble letters with a smiley face inside of the letter "O," for some reason. Luckily for them, the DJ had time to stop in and authenticate the signature.

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Chumlee's attempt at surprising the woman, whose name is Amber, with Aoki coming down to do the authentication himself felt more like someone walking into their own surprise birthday party after helping plan it, send invites, and bake the cake themselves. "I told you I had someone who could authenticate the autograph!" he told her, trying and mostly failing to convey genuine enthusiasm after Aoki walked in. Her response? "Amazing," followed by an awkward chuckle.

Long story short, the DJ confirmed that he did, in fact, sign his bubble letter signature on both the Funko Pop and trading cards — he knew because he could see where he started and finished each letter, according to some process he uses whenever he signs anything. Still, the final consensus is that even with the signatures, the plastic and paper are worth $800 at most. Amber concedes to the decision and heads home with $1,200 less than she wanted but a really solid "two truths and one lie" story.

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