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The Nussbaum Center Adds Guilford County’s MWBE Program to its Network of In

Aug 09, 2023

Greensboro, NC — The Nussbaum Center for Entrepreneurship (NCFE) is excited announce Guilford County's Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) Program is relocating to a 3,000-square-foot office space at the Nussbaum Center at 1451 South Elm-Eugene St. in Greensboro as of June 1, 2023.

Guilford County's program is designed to advocate for Minority, Women and Small Business Enterprises (MWSBE) across the county and provide equal access to opportunities to participate in all aspects of the county's contracting and procurement programs. The program also works to prohibit discrimination against a person or business in pursuit of these opportunities based on race, color, sex, religion, or national origin.

"We are excited the Nussbaum Center is welcoming our MWBE Program into their space," said Jason Jones, Guilford County Assistant County Manager for Quality Government. "By having an office space, the MWBE Program will be able to assist more minority- and women-owned firms, improve direct customer service, and continue to develop strong relationships with our partners."

"Guilford County's MWBE Department has taken another giant step towards becoming a model for MWBE programs across the nation. By placing the MWBE Department at the Nussbaum Center, the county is providing MWBE firms needing assistance a one-stop-shop for technical support, education, access to capital, bonding, and county MWBE resources," said Shaunne Thomas, Guilford County MWBE Program Director.

The MWBE Program's move into the Nussbaum Center comes two months after the Guilford County Board of Commissioners’ approval and implementation of the first official MWBE Program Policy and Procedure Manual in the county. Learn more about the county's MWBE Program on the MWBE webpage.

"Having a partner that's dedicated to the success of MWBEs will be a great asset here at the Nussbaum Center where 74% of businesses currently in residence are Minority and Women Owned Businesses," said Sam Funchess, NCFE CEO. "They’ll have on-site access to services connecting them with Guilford County's contracting and procurement programs and a team proactively connecting diverse suppliers and building relationships between businesses, governmental entities and community and trades organizations."

Also of note is that the number of black woman-led businesses on-site at the Nussbaum Center (28%) equals the number of white male-led businesses.

"It's about leveling the playing field, creating equal opportunities and providing support that will give MWBEs the best shot at success," said Lisa Hazlett, NCFE President.

About the Nussbaum Center

The Nussbaum Center for Entrepreneurship is a 501(c)3 non-profit and has been a magnet and a supportive partner for entrepreneurs, assisting with services every young business needs to succeed and grow.

The Steelhouse, adjacent to the existing NCFE small business incubator, is a major redevelopment project that will revitalize the massive historic Carolina Steel structure and create an estimated 600 jobs. The project will convert the existing raw space into flexible, scalable spaces that meet the needs of manufacturing entrepreneurs, food producers and the neighboring community. For more information:

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