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9 Best Magnetic Knife Holders 2023

May 01, 2023

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Out of the way and safely stored.

Storing your knives can be a hassle. If you keep them in a drawer, mixed with other utensils, they could wreak havoc on anyone who dares to rummage around for a spatula. You'll also risk dulling or chipping their blades. Yikes. That's dangerous for you and your knives.

You could always use a knife block, but those can be a pain, too. What's more tedious than having to stick your paring knife into every. single. hole before finding the small slot that it belongs in? So frustrating.

The best solution? Invest in a magnetic knife holder. It will display all your knives beautifully while safely keeping them out of the way. And whenever you need to chop some onions or slice a potato, all your knives will be right at your fingertips.

The short answer is yes. A good magnetic knife holder will have a strong enough magnet to hold a blade without damaging it. And using this type of holder is safer and more convenient than other storage options (as described above).

But these are still knives. If you're careless while attaching and removing a knife from a holder, you could hurt yourself or damage the knife. Our two cents: always practice caution with knives, whether you're chopping or sharpening and storing them.

We scoured the internet for the most popular magnetic knife holders and read through the reviews to find the very best ones. We included magnetic knife holders of different shapes, materials, and styles to fit every kitchen space. So the next time you're about to root around in a drawer for a knife, stop and take a look at these magnetic knife holders instead.

This heavy-duty, stainless-steel Modern Innovations magnetic knife holder takes our top spot. It has 20,000 five-star reviews on Amazon and comes in three different lengths. Everything you need to mount it on the wall is included, or you can just stick it on the fridge.

"The magnet is strong and holds plenty of my everyday knives," this reviewer said.

We love the stainless-steel design of this magnetic knife holder. It can take every-day use without getting damaged, and can hold several knives. "This did not let me down," one reviewer wrote. "Even my heaviest knife is safely stored on this strip."

If you want a less industrial-looking knife strip, check out this wood-encased magnetic knife holder. Choose from a light or dark wood finish to bring a little warmth to your kitchen. "It was super easy to hang on our wall, looks really nice, and has a big surface area for the knives," one reviewer said.

This countertop knife holder is the perfect solution if you don't want to drill into your backsplash. No setup is required. Just place it anywhere in the kitchen and start organizing your knives and scissors on it. The front and back are both magnetic for double the storage, and it has a "sturdy base and top that does not wobble," one reviewer wrote.

How insanely gorgeous is this Messermeister semi-circle knife holder? At $130, the price is a little high, but think of it as an investment and a piece of art for your kitchen. Give your knives the beautiful home they deserve."The magnet is very strong so the knives attach quickly and well," this reviewer raved.

When looking for a magnetic knife holder, its storage capability is often top of mind. So we love that this Eco Kitchen magnetic knife holder has two wide bars. The bottom one has detachable hooks to hang other utensils, freeing up even more counter space. "This is a great piece to have in your kitchen," this reviewer said. "It attached to the wall easily (and feels sturdy) and makes grabbing knives super fast."

Having a double-magnetic knife holder like this one makes the install really easy. Just take it out of the packaging, slap it onto your fridge, and add your knives. "We put it up right away and it cleared off much needed counter space," one reviewer said.

The design of this knife holder is a little different. It's like a brilliant mash-up of a knife block and a magnetic knife strip. And its rotating base makes for easy access. It comes in four different finishes to fit any kitchen. "This knife block has truly surpassed my expectations," one reviewer wrote. "I don't feel I have to wrestle a knife off of the block. The craftsmanship is excellent."

This Schmidt Brothers Cutlery magnetic knife holder is both elegant and functional. The double-sided magnet allows for plenty of space for knives, and the clear plastic cover protects the knives while allowing for easy access. It looks so pretty on any counter. "Just what I needed for my kitchen," this reviewer said. "Looks great on my kitchen counters and my knives are protected."

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