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A Homebrew SMD Vise Built From Scrap Wood

Dec 04, 2023

We don't see too many wooden projects around these parts, but when [olikraus] turned a few pieces of scrap lumber into a functional SMD vise, how could we not take notice? The idea is simple. Two pieces of wood with slots in them hold the PCB. Two other pieces form an arm with an adjustable needle that can hold down tiny parts while you solder. Magnets hold each piece to a metal working surface. Simple and elegant.

We might have 3D printed some of the pieces, but then again, you have to be careful where your soldering iron goes if you go that route. The other advantage to using wood is that you can easily grab a few pieces of scrap and have a different-sized vice in just a few minutes.

There are a few improvements we might suggest. For example, a thumbscrew to fix the needle would be welcome. It seems like you could make the part that holds the needle smaller, too, to help you get your soldering iron into the same area. But it looks workable with no changes at all.

Working with scrap wood isn't glamorous, but it does make for quick and easy functional builds. A number of the holes and bolts here could even be replaced with glue if you don't mind the time for it to set.

Of course, you could mix and match this with other designs. We like the "dollar store PCB holder," but it would work well with the arm from this project. We couldn't help but think of the SMD beak when we saw this project.