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Amazon Keeps Selling Out of These Cool Things for Your Backyard

Apr 30, 2023

Make your outdoor space the place.

Ready to head outside, adult beverage in hand, and enjoy the company of your friends and neighbors? You might want to spruce up your space a bit, then. A party where everyone has to sit on the ground getting bitten by mosquitoes will be memorable... but not in the right way. Plus, turning a yard into a party zone is, as a matter of fact, fun. That's why I’ve gathered a selection of the coolest things for your backyard that are sure to enhance all the good weather feels. Amazon keeps selling out of them, though, so grab ‘em while they’re hot.

If you consider the cost of going out on the town, relaxing in the comfort of your own outdoor oasis offers a huge return on investment. So trick out that yard and make it the place to be this summer.

Instead of spending a fortune on plant pots that you will also have to store, grow your seedlings in these fabric pots. They are light and easy to store for next year, and plants love that they breathe and allow air to get to their roots. Also, since they are flexible, transplanting from them is much easier than your average clay pot.

Mosquitos can make it impossible to enjoy your own backyard. So bring this mosquito-repellent lantern with you. It will create a no-pest zone around your party while throwing a little light on the gathering. A Thermacell cartridge inside is activated by heat when you turn it on. It comes with one 12-hour cartridge and three repellent mats.

Turn your deck or yard into a lighted gathering place without running wires or installing anything with this pack of eight waterproof, solar fence lights. Either set them to emit a warm glow and create a pleasant gathering place or use them to decorate your space in one color, several colors, or a constantly changing color show. Their large solar battery keeps them lit for up to eight hours.

Keep the paper towels handy when grilling by sticking this magnetic paper towel holder to the grill area or any metal surface nearby. The two pieces adjust easily to fit whatever size roll you have and the strong magnets hold tight. The magnets are even rubber coated so they won't scratch.

"Very handy at the grill and in the garage," said one reviewer.

Create easy decorative borders around your herb or flower gardens by sticking this no-dig landscape edging into the ground right where you want it. You can shape it to wrap around a freeform garden or box in a square one. Just place the edging and hammer the included spikes into the ground. It will stay where you want it. It comes in four colors.

This spray-on sun and water shield keeps your outdoor furniture looking bright and new while preventing that awful moment when you or your dinner guest sits on wet seat cushions — and spends the rest of the evening wearing a wet patch — because it rained yesterday. It takes mere seconds to apply to furniture, umbrellas, the grill cover, or anything you store outdoors.

Knitted from breathable and stretchy bamboo, these gardening gloves are designed to give you maximum comfort and dexterity. A long, stretchy wrist cuff keeps them on your hands while keeping dirt out. And the rubber-coated palm and fingers protect your hands from whatever sharp or abrasive surfaces you encounter. They work with your phone screen, too, so you can text or snap pictures as you work.

Why hang a plain wind chime when you can put up one with color-changing, lighted ornaments? This solar wind chime charges during the day and lights up at night. Each bulb lasts for 8-10 hours and the colors gradually transition creating an ethereal effect.

Upgrade your garden hose with this heavy-duty hose nozzle that has eight spray patterns and a comfortable, ergonomic grip to make all your yard chores easier. It is made of solid metal so it will last and there is a dial on the back of the nozzle that lets you adjust the water flow. No more walking back to the spigot to turn down the flow when watering even the most delicate seedlings.

Light your entryway, parking space, fence, or house exterior with this set of two outdoor solar lights that can be set to turn on when people approach them. They throw an angled beam of light so people can see to get a key in the lock or climb stairs and they require no power. They charge all day and work all night. You can also set them to stay on all the time or to always throw a dim and get brighter when people approach.

It's nice to leave the doors open when the weather is warm but, without a screen door, that means letting all the flies and mosquitoes in. This magnetic screen door is a fast, affordable, and easy solution. It takes minutes to hang and the magnets in the edge of each panel keep it closed so bugs don't have a chance to get in. Unlike a traditional screen door, though, you (and the pets and children) can go through it hands-free.

Set these grill mats right on the grates of your grill and stop worrying that your smaller foods — shrimp, vegetables, fish — will fall through into the flames or that they will come in contact with those dirty grates. The mats get just as hot as the grates and transfer the shape of the grill to your meats. They are easy to clean, too.

This leaf grabber tool makes it so easy to lift the piles of leaves or garden debris you raked into piles into bags. Wear the two tools on your arms to give yourself shovel hands that can pick up huge quantities of leaves at once.

"I've used them twice and I can't imagine raking leaves without them," said one reviewer.

Sleep or nap anywhere — from your backyard to the backwoods wilderness — in this portable hammock. It's so light and packable that you can toss it in your messenger bag, kayak, or camping pack. All you need is two trees to tie it to and you will be comfortable all night. It packs into an attached stuff sack that transforms into a pocket to stash your phone or water in while you sleep.

Hang plants, lanterns, lights, and birdfeeders from these iron plant hanger brackets to decorate your outdoor space. You can utilize the walls of your house, fences, and even trees. They are easy to hang, come in two sizes, and bring a rustic, old-school charm to your outdoor space.

If you cover your grill, it will likely last longer. It also won't be full of soggy ash when you want to use it. This BBQ grill cover is everything you need. It's waterproof, offers UV protection, and is made from a super strong fabric. Because it has hook and loop straps to customize the fit, it fits most grills. Over 36,000 people said, "Five stars!"

Create a patch of shade on your deck, pool area, or yard by attaching this sun shade sail from two fixed points. The strong, triangular fabric resists sun and wind and already has strong D-rings at every corner so that hanging it is easy. Just choose your color and size. There are six colors.

Hang these two charming solar outdoor lamps from the trees or set them on an outdoor table to create vintage-vibe lighting throughout your yard. You can set them and forget them because the sun will charge them for you and they turn on automatically when it gets dark.

Snap this clever LED umbrella light to the pole of your patio table and solve all your summer lighting issues. It throws a cone of light over your gathering that you can dim or brighten as the mood of the party changes. It even comes with a remote to make that easy. And, to save batteries, you can set it to turn off automatically so you never leave it on overnight by accident.

These grilling prep trays make grilling night so much easier and even a bit safer. Prep your ingredients on the red one and carry both trays, stacked, to the grill. When the food is ready to take off the heat, you have a clean tray — right under your prep tray — ready to put cooked food on. That way you won't be tempted, under duress, to contaminate ready-to-eat food by dropping it on a plate that held raw meat.

Whether you are prepping for the end of days or simply ready to grow your own vegetables, this pack of 15,000 non-GMO heirloom seeds is a must-have. There are 18 varieties of vegetables, greens, melons, and more, and none of them are hybrids or sourced from Monsanto. Go into the apocalypse ready to eat well.

"Most of the seeds I planted a few days ago are almost seedlings now. Very satisfied," reported one reviewer.

Go into the garden armed as if you are the quaint gardener version of Wolverine by pulling on this clever pair of claw gloves. Even the dog — a yard-digging master — will be impressed by your ability to scratch a quick hole in the dirt for your seedlings, shred weeds, and clear tracks for your seeds. The latex-covered, stretchy fabric is comfortable to wear and protects your hands from water and abrasion. The snug wrist cuff keeps them on.

Make your outdoor stairs safer and better-looking — or get creative with fence and deck lighting — with this eight-pack of solar deck lights. They are designed to sit on the edge of a stair, rail, or fence and throw a warm light downward. Just peel and stick them where you want them and they will charge during the day and turn on automatically at dusk.

Create a romantic mood or make s’mores with the kids easily, right on your patio table, with this table-top fire pit bowl. It burns only inexpensive isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol so it's relatively cheap to operate and you don't need to stock special fuel. It comes with an optional wick sponge for a more contained flame. Choose from five styles.

Give all your plants a home while turning their greenery into a beautiful display, by setting them on this natural wood plant stand. It has a space for seven plants and the open slats allow all your plants to get light. The structure is light and airy as well as sturdy. There are 14 shapes and sizes so there is sure to be one that fits your space just right.

Keep this stain remover handy if your deck or porch is always covered in bird and spider droppings. Spray it on the droppings and that hard-to-remove mess breaks down quickly. Then wipe or hose it right off. It's not harsh and promises not to damage surfaces.

"Cleaned up bird poop on my cement patio floor in less than 5 minutes," said one reviewer.

Give all your brooms, tools, rakes, and shovels a place to live so it's easy to put them away — and to find them again — by mounting this wall-mounted broom rack in the garage or garden shed. The three clamps grip long-handled tools and the four hooks keep tools, gloves, and other garden equipment handy.

Turn a dark grill into a slick, lighted outdoor kitchen by sticking these two magnetic grill lights to the metal hood, side table, or any metal surface. The nine bright LED bulbs throw a lot of light and the gooseneck lets you aim the beam right where you want it. They come with a storage case that's also magnetic.

Be the wizard at your next outdoor gathering by saying some mumbo-jumbo and tossing a couple of these magical flame pouches into the fire. It will turn the flames into a rainbow of colors that lasts for an hour. They’re safe for fire pits, bonfires, and outdoor or indoor fires, though not with propane or artificial gas logs.

"These are awesome! Such great color [...] Plus if you give the fire a stir midway through the burn it brightens the colors," said one reviewer. "Super intense!"

The secret to a beautiful lawn is aeration — it helps prevent grass roots from getting compacted, so the plant can get better air and water to grow strong. Aerating your lawn is easy and fun if you strap on these lawn aerator shoes. Just walk around your yard and the spikes will break up the roots.

"It was surprisingly fun," said one reviewer. "[I] looked a little goofy wearing them, but the results are worth it."

Skip the tedium, bending over, and waste of picking up your dog's poo with bags and use this heavy-duty metal dog poop scooper instead. You can clean the entire yard quickly and easily with no stooping down or touching the stuff. It stands on its own and the rake clips to it so you can stash it at the ready in a corner of the yard.

Turn everything from yard waste to kitchen scraps into rich compost that your plants will love with this simple, affordable compost bin. Just stand it on end, button it into a circle in the size you want, set it in a corner of the yard, and start filling it up. It holds a lot — 246 gallons at the max size — and is easy to take apart when you are ready to turn or use your compost. The aeration holes make for fast decomposition but the high-density polyethylene won't break down.

Add a bit of whimsy to your potted plant arrangements by working this smiley face sculptural flower pot into the mix. Whatever you plant into the head becomes the hair of this happy sleeping friend. There is a drainage hole in the pot so your plants are comfy and it's made of resin so it's easy to lift and move. You can even add accessories like a scarf if the mood takes you.

Bring out this pop-up tent when you are road weary and spot a campsite. Pull it out when the beach is too sunny or windy to sleep. Or use it in your yard to sleep under the stars. Just open the case and toss it where you want to lie and it sets itself up. It fits two people who like each other and has doors on both sides and mesh windows so you can see out. If you want isolation, close the door and window flaps. It comes with a carry bag and everything you need to set it up.

Every outdoor space looks — and parties — better with string lights. You can transform your yard into an Instagrammable fairyland or a parking lot into a delightful beer garden with them. The dimmable Edison glass globe string lights have so much charm and emit a soothing warm glow. They are 25 feet long and all you have to do is find a place to hang them and plug them in.

Bring a taste of the rustic farm into your yard with this galvanized raised garden bed that's an ideal place to grow a few tomatoes or an herb garden. Since the bottom is open, you don't have to worry that it will fill with water. And setting it up is easy: Assemble the panels into the shape you want.

"Perfect height for a raised bed garden," said one reviewer. "Light and easy to move around before adding soil."

If your yard needs a gnome — is there a yard that doesn't? — add this solar gnome to your cart. It soaks up the sun during the day, and its eyes throw light at night. The gnome is made of resin, so it’ll survive in the elements and comes in four colors and poses.

This flamey LED speaker is the perfect accessory for your outdoor seating area. The flickering LED flame brings the ambiance. The built-in Bluetooth speaker brings the tunes, directly from your phone. It connects from up to 33 feet away and has impressive volume and big stereo sound.

"Coolest speaker I ever bought and the flame light is great," said one reviewer.

There is no need to toss your faded and stained outdoor pillows. Just zip these throw pillow covers right over them. Or pick up some pillow inserts and quickly DIY the pillows you want for a fraction of the cost of buying them at the garden store. These covers are 18 inches square, waterproof, and available in 24 colors. There are five other sizes, too.

If cleaning the grill isn't your favorite chore, maybe you don't have the right tool. This grill brush has a heavy-duty scraper to get off baked-on crud, notches in the scraper to wrap around the grates, a steel brush with two rows of bristles to quickly scrub everything clean, and a long handle so you can get the leverage you need.

Create an outdoor room in your yard or enclose your porch with these outdoor curtains. You can get the privacy you want without building fences. It makes for a cozier space, too. They are waterproof, create terrific shade, and come in 15 colors and 15 sizes so you can create a custom space.

Hide the ugly pipes, tanks, and sprinklers in your yard with this realistic landscape rock so they don't mar your lawn-care beautification. The textured surface blends in well and it's sturdy so will withstand all kinds of weather. It comes with stakes to secure it to the ground and you can choose from three colors and nine sizes.

This set of three plant pots makes it easy to create a potted plant display anywhere in your garden. The polypropylene material is lightweight so it's easy to move them around. And it's super durable so your display will last a long time in all kinds of weather. Drain holes in the bottom help keep your plants healthy while the built-in drip tray catches overflow.

Christina X. Wood