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Perth prospector Brian Brady found alive after four

Jul 13, 2023

Police say a Perth prospector is alive and "in good spirits" after spending four nights lost in the Midwest outback.

Brian Brady was prospecting with friends in Lake Austin, near Mount Magnet, when he failed to return from a walk on Saturday afternoon.

A land search was launched, with rescuers finding the 72-year-old about 17 kilometres north-east of his camp on Wednesday morning.

Midwest-Gascoyne Superintendent Steve Post said Mr Brady was dehydrated and would receive medical treatment in Cue before being reunited with his family in Perth.

"We found him still with his metal detector in his hands," he said.

"He was in good spirits…I understand that he was cracking a few jokes with the officers in the back of the vehicle.

"He's extremely grateful that he's been located."

Superintendent Post said he had concerns rescuers would not find Mr Brady alive.

"Searches such as these are always very difficult and with every day that goes past, the chances of not finding a person alive increases dramatically," he said.

"We're just over the moon that he's been found after four days.

"I think it's a testament to the tenacity of the searchers and also to him, he's obviously a fairly tough gentleman."

Superintendent Post said it was a reminder for all to reduce movement if people become stranded in the bush.

"Stay with your car, and stay where you are. We will find you," he said.

DFES Midwest-Gascoyne Superintendent Mark Bowen said more than 20 volunteers from across the region helped find Mr Brady.

"It's always a great feeling to find someone that's been missing, especially over this period of time… it's a great outcome for all searchers involved," he said.

Mr Bowen said the "arduous" terrain made it difficult to track Mr Brady's movements.

"It's wooded areas through to muddy lakes and bush, with little support out there," he said.

"That sort of country can look very similar, and it's quite easy to get disoriented."

Mount Magnet Shire president Jorgen Jensen said the community welcomed the result.

"It was getting cold at night, so the fact that they've found him alive today is really good news," he said.

"I'd say there'd be a few happy faces in town and in Cue today."

Mr Jensen said the landscape around Lake Austin consisted of low, saltbush scrub with iron stone hills and shrubby bushland.

"You can understand how people not used to that sort of country type could get a bit lost."