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Top 10 EDC designs multitool enthusiasts needs to get their hands on

May 06, 2023

EDCs are the living embodiment of "big things come in small packages". EDCs are the kind of smart little tools that are always great to have in your backpack or tool kit. You never know when one of them could come to your rescue, helping you out of the trickiest situation, or to even pop open a bottle of beer, when you need to unwind after work. These little superheroes can make a world of difference while completing tasks – whether big or small. And, we’ve curated the best EDC designs we’ve seen in a while! From a fully-functioning balisong-style pocket knife to a titanium magnetic screwdriver that puts all the bits you need in your pocket – these are the EDC designs you definitely need by your side.

I know the term ‘forever’ can get thrown around a little loosely while discussing EDC durability, but it's precisely what designer EDC Monster had in mind while designing the Titanium Multi-Function Pry Bar. Crafted from Gr5 Titanium, this pocket-friendly tool is lightweight, versatile, and ridiculously durable.

It sports 10 different tools that cover every scenario from fixing your bicycle to escaping your car, and from cracking open a bottle of beer to writing a letter… all of which encapsulate that ‘forever’ aspect, including the last bit, thanks to the fact that the Titanium Multi-Function Pry Bar comes with its own Forever Pen – a special metallic writing instrument that can write forever, without using ink or graphite.

Looking like the kind of Vibranium dagger King T’Challa or his trusted general Okoye would carry on covert missions, the Mandala EDC Knife has a beautiful indigenous-meets-futurism appeal to it.

The knife itself boasts a Titanium handle with a colorful Mandala-inspired enamel inlay, a hollow roller-bearing, and a spear-point M390 steel blade that's sharp on both the edges as well as the tip, making the Mandala EDC Knife an incredible tactical tool.

There is now a class of screwdrivers ingeniously designed to fit in your Everyday Carry or even in your pocket. Most of these, however, still don't cover the wide range of screws in use, but this 9-in-1 magnetic screwdriver makes sure you always have the most important ones in your pocket, ready to let you do your magic whenever and wherever your skills are needed.

At first glance, the M-20 looks nothing like a screwdriver and more like a robust carrying case for screwdriver bits. In some sense, that is also correct, as the uniquely shaped tool has slots for up to nine bits, holding them in place using very strong magnets. That means they won't get loose and get lost even if you quickly slip the M-20 into your pocket.

The M-stand is versatile, compact, lightweight, powerful, durable, and cleverly balances between tactical and casual roles – for example, it can go from being a self-defense tool to a smartphone stand in under 10 seconds.

Made from durable titanium (with neodymium magnets holding the two halves together), the M-Stand also has a rope cutter, bottle opener, two wrenches, a pry tool, a fire starter, and a tritium holder built into its compact design.

Most AirTag holders don't make claims of also being able to hold your keys, open bottles, dock your smartphone, or maneuver hex bolts… the Atech Innovation AirTag Holder does. Crafted from solid stainless steel (with an ABS plastic enclosure for the AirTag), this nifty little multitool from Atech gives you seven features in its compact design.

Shaped like a carabiner, the multitool has an enclosure that lets you dock a single AirTag, giving you a piece of EDC you can track easily using your Apple devices. A hole in the top lets you secure a keychain to your AirTag Holder, and cleverly oriented design details let you open screws and bottles, as well as use your AirTag Holder as a stand for your smartphone.

The fully-functional Invictus Bali-Ti is a knife that deserves to be a part of your EDC arsenal! What makes this knife distinctive are its Terrain 365 branding and of course its construction. The sleek pocket knife features 6AL-4V titanium handles & a pocket clip and has a blade made from rustproof Terravantium. The Invictus Bali-Ti is a beautifully crafted, high-performance tool built to last in the wilderness!

A Balisong aka a butterfly knife is a type of folding knife that originated in the Philippines. It has penetrated into other markets, including the US, where Terrain 365 is perfecting its design for everyday use. The Balisong has the potential to be used as a threatening weapon, which means its use is illegal in certain countries. Thankfully, there is nothing so illegal about the Invictus Bali-Ti, which draws its design cues from the Invictus folder. It measures 8.125 inches when fully deployed and folds down to roughly half that size to 4.125 inches when closed.

With a tiny 1.94-inch blade, the Microtech Exocet Dagger is actually legal to carry in most states, making it the perfect EDC to have on you at all times. The dagger features an OTF-style (out-the-front) drop-point blade made from CTS 204P steel that's perfect for piercing and carving outdoors and doing things like opening boxes indoors.

The blade retracts into the Exocet's rather comfortably compact aircraft-grade aluminum handle, which also has a pocket clip on one side that doubles up as a money clip, letting you carry your cards and cash with you. I imagine taking out your money for a mugger would be a pretty interesting event, given that your de facto wallet also doubles as a blade!

Inspired by the hinge detail on their popular Provoke Karambit line, the Provoke EDC by Joe Caswell for CRKT brings the same opening mechanism to the traditional spear-point pocket knife. The knife features an aluminum handle with an anodized finish, a D2 steel blade, and CRKT's signature Kinematic™ opening style that makes the Provoke such an object of beauty.

The Provoke's all-metal design instantly gives it a sense of rugged reliability. Hold it in your hand and play around with it for a bit and you soon realize it's a highly-capable serious piece of EDC that's designed to function really well under even demanding conditions. The Kinematic™ mechanism lets you deploy the knife with a single thumb, revealing the 2.5-inch satin-finish D2 blade that has remarkably high resistance to wear and tear.

In a world that's still somehow stuck to the boring bifold or the cramped MagSafe wallet, the Mbacco Wallet offers a fun alternative. It's compact, but still has enough space to store cards, cash, and keys… and comes with a lively accordion-inspired design that does a great job of organizing your cards and other belongings by priority or category.

Although designed to hold cards, the Mbacco Wallet doesn't have any strict rules – it’ll hold cash, keys, memory cards, and pretty much anything that's up to 2.6mm thick and about the size of a credit card. The wallet's fun accordion-inspired design holds anywhere from 5 to 9 cards, although it can be pushed to the limit to store as many as 12 cards without really breaking a sweat or becoming bulky like the kind of wallet George Costanza carries around.

How often have you found yourself running late to work or school only to notice, you don't have the keys on you? Struggling at the last minute, in and out of the rooms, you realize the keys were hiding deep within your pant or jacket's pocket. This is essentially why carabiners make attractive keychains to let you hang the keys at home and carry them safely in the loop of your plants.

For the benefit of Gen Z, which fancies modern and trendy equipment, the new version of the Bolt Carabiner V-II begs gawk. Designed by EDC Apparatus, the Bolt is not an ordinary auto-locking or twist-locking carabiner; this one instead has a trigger on the opening side, which you slide down to open the gate. The rugged carabiner also sways from the regular D shape carabiners, it features a Question mark form factor, with an opening in the bottom to hold the keys for you.

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