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15mm Triangle Magnetic Chamfer with Single Side Magnet

15mm Triangle Magnetic Chamfer with Single Side Magnet

Welcome to Great Magtech(Xiamen) Electric Co., Ltd.https://greatmagtech.en.made-in-china.comprecast concrete magnet sinc;
Basic Info
Lead Time 7-15 Days
Transport Package Carton, Then in Pallet
Specification Customized
Trademark GME
Origin China
HS Code 8505190090
Production Capacity 3000PCS Per Month
Product Description

Welcome to Great Magtech(Xiamen) Electrichttps://greatmagtech.en.made-in-china.comprecast concrete magnet since 2010 and 9 years export experiences .makes us well serve our clients

What is Magnetic Chamfer?The magnetic chamfer is one of the most useful and frequent accessories in the Precast Concrete industry. Magnetic Chamfer is widely used to the attachment to steel shuttering surface and steel tables, for the purpose of:·Quick and clean formation of chamfers, beveled edges, drip molds, dummy joints, notches and reveal on the corners and faces of concrete wall panels and some formwork's corner.·Prevent the concrete overflow from the gap between the precast concrete casting table and side-formwork.·And avoid the screwing or welding on the table or on the formwork. And it finally improves the precast concrete elements production times and labor costs.Magnetic Chamfer Features:1.High Quality, Reusable, durable for more than 3 years at least service life, ensure a nice payback on the original investment. Save money.2.Powerful magnets are embedded at the surface of the chamfer to provide maximum adhesion to any steel surface. For example, single side magnetic steel chamfer offers more than 100KG per meter strength. It won't be pulled out under normal use.3.Rubber magnetic chamfer, both sides magnetized and Steel Magnetic chamfer available in single-side magnetized (50% magnet) or both-side magnetized (100% magnet).4.Easy to operate, quick to position, remove and clean, quick, and accurate positioning exact beveled chamfers on the construction steel formwork table, and shorten the production timeline.5.No open grooves to fill with the concrete. Securely, no screws, bolts, or welding are necessary, therefore preserving surface finish to increase the lifetime6.Both magnetic trapezoidal and triangular chamfer strips available for clean chamfers and jointsAccording to the material of the product, magnetic chamfer can be divided into three types:1.Rubber Magnetic Chamfer (Most Flexible)2.Steel Magnetic Chamfer (Strongest), is made of C1018 cold rolled steel and strong neodymium magnet fitted inserted and sealed with epoxy material to ensure no damage from concrete or maximum reuse.3.Polystyrene neodymium magnetic chamfer (flexible and strong)According to the cross-section shape of the product, magnetic chamfer can also be divided into three types:1.Triangle magnetic chamferPlease See the below cross-section picture, you will find the strong neodymium magnets could be inserted at three different positions: two sides and the bottom.2.Trapezoid Magnetic Chamfer3.Special shape magnetic chamfer (according to customer's request)Magnetic Chamfer ApplicationMagnetic chamfers are often used in the manufacture of concrete products, working with steel beds or steel faceplates and bulkheads that can be mounted to most types of precast rail-frame systems on the market.The magnetic chamfer is required for the formation of the chamfered corner on the product in order to create an accurate aesthetic appearance of the corners of concrete products, also eliminates bevel angles of concrete products from chipping.What we can offer you?1. Standard sizes in stock available fastest leading time 1-2 days unbeatable prices, cheaper than Europe 30% at least.2. Exact & precise processing enables maximum adhesion to any steel surfaces3. Several decades of experience and application in under difficult conditions in the precast concrete industry.4. Custom-the made solution can be supplied quickly to suit your individual needs and production processes5. Most sizes available, no tooling cost are required. Standard sizes in stock and 1-day delivery6. Custom Specification is welcomed and Custom-made solutions, 50%-50% burden the tooling costs.How to choose single-sided and double-sided?Choose the single-sided magnetized option if attaching to one steel surface at a time, such as a steel table or steel faceplate. The double-sided magnetized option provides an extremely secure corner attachment when you're working with two adjoining sections of steel.Rubber Magnetic chamfer is available in 5x5mm, 8x8mm, 10x10mm, 15x15mm.

ITEM NO (Triangle)LWH
ITEM NO (Trapezoidal)TtH

Steel Magnetic Chamfers are available 10x10mm, 15x15mm, 20x20mm, 25x25mm.

ITEM NO (Triangle)LWH Length of Magnet Length(mm)Magnet
SMC-10x10A10101450% / 100%3000Single
SMC-10x10B10101450% / 100%3000Double
SMC-10x10C10101450% / 100%3000Bottom
SMC-15x15A15152150% / 100%3000Single
SMC-15x15B15152150% / 100%3000Double
SMC-15x15C15152150% / 100%3000Bottom
SMC-20x20A20202850% / 100%3000Single
SMC-20x20B20202850% / 100%3000Double
SMC-20x20C20202850% / 100%3000Double
SMC-25x25A25253550% / 100%3000Single
ITEM NO (Trapezoidal)TtH Length of Magnet Length(mm)Magnet
TSMC-16x12x1016121050% / 100%3000Double
TSMC-20x10x52010550% / 100%3000Double
TSMC-20x10x1020101050% / 100%3000Single

Besides magnetic chamfers, we also supply plastic PVC concrete chamfer material for precast concrete elements production.90 durometer plastic PVC concrete chamfer material is excellent in the long lines and straight uses and can also be used in a majority of large radius curved and round applications.The main function of the PVC round concrete chamfer is to turn the concrete right angle into the arc angle. Before the concrete pouring, the corner line can be fixed at the internal corner of the formwork, which can be fixed with the special row nails for decoration. PVC circular arc chamfering line, R25 is a circular arc radius 25mm angle line, used for main transformer foundation and other large foundation;PVC circular arc chamfer line R20 is a 20 mm circular arc radius corner line, which is used for the general foundation. The concrete arc angle line is mainly used for concrete products. When the mirror concrete is used for fillet, the outer part is fixed with wood formwork. Beam, column, the upper side of the cable trench, are widely applied in thermal power plants or high-pressure power stations in infrastructure construction.PVC Concrete Chamfer Product Advantages1. Stable quality, excellent physical performance, can be used repeatedly.2.Bright color, high gloss.3. It is easy to process the finished products with high yield.4. The surface of the product is smooth, the formwork removal is convenient, and the fillet is beautiful and generous.5. After composition, it can save cost compared with metal material and has the advantage of high quality and low price.PVC Concrete Chamfer Popular Size:

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