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Shuttering Magnet Formwork System Precast Concrete Magnets

Shuttering Magnet Formwork System Precast Concrete Magnets

Precast Concrete magnet formwork system Precast Concrete magnets shuttering Magnet With the developing of construction i;
Basic Info
Model NO. GME-450/600/900/1350/1800, etc.
Material of Magnetic Hooks Magnet + Stainless / Plastic
Grade N52
Shape Block
Coating Spray-Paint
Pull Force of Magnetic Hooks 450--2100kgs
Application of Magnetic Hooks Industrial Building
Lead Time of Magnetic Hooks 7-10 Days
Payment T/T, Paypal, Western Union
Transport Package Carton, Wood Case, Anti-Magnetized Package
Specification 17x6x4CM, etc.
Trademark GME precast concrete magnet
Origin Zhejiang China
HS Code 85051190
Production Capacity 3000 Tons
Product Description
Precast Concrete magnet
formwork system Precast Concrete magnets shuttering Magnet
With the developing of construction industry, the precast concrete has been formed into a new green commercial mold to site-cast concrete. It's already being applied in a wide range of walls, floors and even roofs from private house to a giant building with much more durability, flexibility and of course economically.Compared to the old site-cast model, the new precast has many advantages. Due to these brilliant performances, many construction companies are adapting it as their new working method from Europe, Southern America to USA, India and now spread to China as well.As an important accessory for precast concrete system, shuttering magnets are designed to fix the panel when pouring the concrete to the molds.Shuttering magnets, which is suitable for all kinds of formwork construction as steel and plywood shuttering system with appropriate adaptor, are composed with very strong permanent magnets ( neodymium magnet) and a shielding steel box. The workers could push or pull the above button to make the magnetic box performed adhesive force or not with a steel sticker. It's very easy to control according to requirements.

Product Description:

Our design of Precast Concrete Magnet for the precast concrete industry is so compact and light-weight, as a result of the application of the modern neodymium magnetic materials, our shuttering systems offer an excellent magnetic power compared to the minimum weight of the products themselves.The magnetic tools can be used in any concrete formwork applications. We can offer different size and magnetic force of magnetic systems to meet our customers' requirements. The biggest advantage of our product is so light-weight but strong adhesive force, such as the weight of the magnet is only 7.2 kg while the adhesive force could reach about 1800 KGs.

User's Instructions
1)The main purpose and features:
Precast Concrete Magnets is specifically designed and developed for fixing precast concrete formwork.Compared with the traditional method that being fixed by screw and other mechanical fixation, Precast Concrete Magnets are advantaged in compact structure, easy operation, strong suction strength, Safe and reliable features, which are conducive to improving labor efficiency, so, More and more Precast Concrete Magnets are used widely in the pre-cast concrete production lines home and aboard.
2) The main structure and specification
Precast Concrete Magnets made of high-performance permanent magnet material to create a strong suction force. Through the switch, the magnets can be off and on status. When ON status, the bottom surface of magnet will be closely fitted on the production platform of the precast concrete.When the magnet is pried by crowbar, the magnetic field will be greatly reduced, the magnet can be remove from the platform easily by hand.
Main Technical Specification:

Shuttering Magnet Formwork System Precast Concrete Magnets

3) How to use:
(1) Press the magnetic switch, the magnet fit on platform very firmly.Pry the switch by crowbar, the magnetic strength on platform will be weaker and remove the magnet.(2) Platform thickness and surface smoothness will affect the magnetic suction between the magnet and the platform, the thicker and the more smooth the platform is, the stronger suction strength is. Lateral shear force is related with the magnetic strength and surface friction.(3) The two fixed screws on the end of precast concrete magnet can connect with different fixture, in order to fix different structure side mold, such as angle steel, channel side die mold and so on.
[Releasing Tools]
After project or production finished, the workers needs to release the magnets with a steel bar tool. The steel bar is around 1 meter long.

Shuttering Magnet Formwork System Precast Concrete Magnets

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