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75 Gifts For Men Under $35 On Amazon Prime That Are Legitimately Awesome

Apr 25, 2023

Something snazzy for every guy.

If you prefer to forego the traditional tie this year, the massive list below is packed with unique — and pretty objectively awesome — items that are sure to bring a smile to even the pickiest fella. And best of all, none of them will run you more than 35 bucks with Amazon Prime.

Whether the guy you’re shopping for's a grill master, a coffee fanatic, a handyman (or an aspiring one), there's something here for him. There are also cool items to trick out his car, office, kitchen, and bathroom. And, there are even some things to nudge him toward self-care. So scroll on and see what's asking to make the leap from your cart into his hands.

A great gift is one that frequently reminds your recipient that you care. And this handheld, high-pressure showerhead will make every shower better, which is a lot of reminders. The six spray modes boosted water pressure and the ability to stand under it or lift it off its mount for close-range showering will make for a better start to every day.

This stainless steel multitool can accomplish so much, without hauling out an entire toolbox. It has 14 functions — including pliers, screwdrivers, knives, a saw, a can opener, and a bottle opener. It comes with a custom case that will strap to a belt loop.

"I passed out roughly five of these [as] gifts and the response [...] was very good," said one reviewer.

This Bluetooth headband is the perfect accessory for running, doing yoga, hiking, or even sleeping. It keeps your hair wrangled and out of your eyes while absorbing sweat. And it does that while delivering your choice of music or audiobooks directly to your ears. It's stretchy, breathable, washable, and comes in 16 colors.

This magnetic wristband is super handy for anyone who likes to climb a ladder to install their own fixtures or open up the plumbing or car and DIY their own fixes. Strap it on. Then stick all the small tools, nuts, bolts, and parts you will need for your project to the 10 extra-strong magnets embedded into the ballistic nylon channels. You will go up the ladder armed and ready.

Give the gift of knowing how to help a razor burn problem; this pre-shave exfoliating brush is a simple solution. The firm but flexible silicone bristles exfoliate the skin to help prevent ingrown hairs and post-shave bumps. It's gentle, fits neatly in the palm to make using it easy, and has nearly 8,000 five-star reviews.

This glasses and contacts case is the perfect solution for anyone who wears, well, glasses and contacts. One side holds the eyeglasses when he's wearing contacts. The other side holds his contacts — and lens cleaning solution and tools — while he's wearing his glasses. It comes in seven colors.

This magnetic running pouch is the wallet that requires no pockets. Just hook the inside flap over a waistband and secure it with the magnets so it stays put. It won't bounce around or annoy you as you run, hike, climb, or do what you do. A hook-and-loop closure flap keeps your items secured inside. It comes in three sizes.

Shaving in the shower is the way to go. Hot water helps soften hair, which can make it easier to shave closely. But it's hard to shave what you can't see. So this fogless shower mirror is a gift that everyone who shaves will appreciate. Fill it with hot water to prevent the fog. It comes with a squeegee and a carrying bag so it's easy to bring along when traveling.

Snap this razor saver over the blades when you are done shaving and it will help preserve your blades by preventing the oxidation of the steel, which inhibits rust and degradation. You will likely get more shaves from a single blade, which saves time, money, and hassle. It also makes it easy to travel with a razor by covering the shape edges and protecting your travel bag and the blades.

Wallets are a classic gift. But this slim, trifold wallet is not a classic style. With an internal money clip, an external card slot that makes sliding out your favorite card easy, and a slim shape that fits in a front pocket, it is a very modern solution — especially because it blocks data-thieving RFID scanners, too.

"It is small, elegant, lots of space for cards, and very efficient," said one reviewer.

Forget fiddling with tiny wires, in the dark, every night. Drop your phone on this wireless charger instead. It holds your phone at an angle so you can glance at the time or notifications, charges your phone super fast, and works in portrait or landscape mode so you can watch movies on your phone while it charges.

Solving his battery storage hassles for life is a valuable gift. This battery organizer and tester holds 93 batteries. The lid is clear so you can see your entire inventory at a glance. It mounts to a wall or fits into a drawer. And it has a built-in battery tester so you will never waste time loading dead batteries into the remote. It comes in six colors.

Add this electronic organizer pouch to your laptop bag so you can always find the cord, battery, tool, or adapter you need when you need it. It rolls up small. But it has three mesh pockets for adapters or SIM cards, six elastic loops for cords and tools, and two open pockets for backup batteries or a mouse. It comes in six colors.

When you travel by bike, there is no reason not to bring the navigation, communication, and entertainment options you take in the car for a road trip. With this bike phone mount you can have all of that, right on the handlebars where you can use it while you pedal. A clamp grabs the handlebars. A clamp and silicone band system keeps your phone securely in the mount.

If the big water bottle you invested in does not fit in your car's cup holder, there is an easy solution that doesn't involve buying a smaller Hydro Flask. This car cup holder expander grows the holding size of your cup holder. Install the base into the current holder and set your cup in this one that can accommodate bottles up to 3.85 inches in diameter. Its clever design will also secure smaller cups.

When sleep evades you because of ambient noise (or that in your own mind), this white noise machine can help stop the distraction. Play your favorite of the six available sounds — rain, ocean, summer night, and more — at the push of a button. It will play all night or for the length of time — 30, 60, or 120 minutes — you choose. Plug it in or use batteries. It's sized for travel.

Attach this universal car mount to your dash or windshield to put your phone in glancing and tapping reach while you drive, so you can better follow navigation or answer calls. The telescoping and pivoting arm makes it easy to get the viewing placement and angle just right and the one-touch clamp holds your phone securely and then lets go of it easily. There are versions that attach to the air vent and CD slot, too.

Storing ties so you can easily select the one you want is a challenge without this pair of tie racks that hang in your closet and hold 20 ties (perhaps all the gifts from previous years?). The hook rotates 360 degrees so you can peruse your collection while it's hanging.

"A gift for the husband and he loved it," said one reviewer. "Great space saver. Holds the ties in place and it's easy to take the tie out."

Having a phone charger everywhere you might want to charge your phone is such a gift. And this set of three 10-foot-long iPhone charger cables makes creating that life hack easy. The long length and ultra-flexible, durable braided nylon cord make these cables convenient to use, too. They come in five colors and five lengths.

If you know a man who loves his outdoor fire pit, he will also love having a cover for it. It will keep it from getting covered in leaves, dust, or bird poo while it sits outside. And it will save him from having to clean out a fire bowl full of wet ash before lighting the next fire. This fire pit cover assumes the shape of the fire pit and is a heavyweight, PVC-coated fabric that is durable, waterproof, and wind resistant. It has buckle straps to hold it securely and comes in square or round styles.

This blender bottle makes it easy to mix powders into liquids, make smoothies on the go, or even whip up some quick pancake batter. Just drop the metal ball whisk into the bottle and shake. The flip top stays shut while you mix and pops open for easy sipping. It comes in lots of color choices and sizes.

Pull on these silicone BBQ gloves and go into an evening of barbecuing with solid protection. The hand area is completely coated in a grippy, heat-resistant silicone to give you the ability to pick up and handle hot tools and pans. The long length covers some arm so you don't get burned there, either. They come in five colors and two sizes.

Whether his beverage of choice comes from a can, a keg, a growler, or any combination of those, he wants that drink to stay cold, right? This dual-function can cooler will handle all the ways he sips because it is triple-insulated and holds a beer can perfectly. But if there's a keg or growler in the house, it converts to a 12-ounce insulated tumbler with a spill-proof sipping lid.

Pocket this hockey-puck-sized camping lantern and take it to the patio or the wilderness. It pops up when you need light and throws a diffused, bright glow to illuminate a meal or campsite. Charge it with the sun or by plugging it into a USB port. Set it on a table, hang it from the ceiling of your tent, or carry it as a flashlight. It will even charge your phone.

You don't need to be a clean freak to have a clean car. The trick is to keep a good trash can in there. This car trash can is the one. It attaches to the headrest, console, or side door. It comes with 20 liners but also fits plastic grocery bags and is waterproof and wipeable in case you run out of liners. It holds lots of trash and the magnetic lid stays closed but opens easily. It even collapses if you have passengers and doubles as a cooler.

Tuck this portable charger in your pocket as you head out for a long day, and don't fear that your phone will fail you before you make it home. It will quickly take your phone from having no power to a full charge at least twice. And it can charge your headphones or any other small electronics you rely on, too. A clear LED indicator tells you how much power it has left.

If you are keeping flashlights on hand, make them high-quality, tactical LED flashlights that are small enough to pocket and powerful enough to light up the woods. These two mini flashlights are made from military-grade aluminum, are water resistant, and will survive if you drop them. They come with lanyards and can clip to a belt or pack.

When a sore back, stiff shoulders, or tight muscles get in the way, this back and neck massager will help you treat them quickly and easily — even if no one is willing to give you a massage. Find the knob that reaches your pain and massage it away yourself. It is designed to reach everything from your back to your hamstrings and comes with a user guide to help you get the best solo massage possible.

Make his favorite ball caps even better with this sweat liner that absorbs sweat off his brow, keeps his hat from getting stained, and can even stop his glasses from fogging up. Just peel and stick one to the inside of the hat. When it gets too gross to keep wearing, peel it off, toss it, and replace it. This is a six-pack.

This fly swatter racket turns the irritating summer chore of swatting flies and other flying invaders into a sport. Just turn it on and go hunting. The net is charged with a 4,000-volt grid so all you have to do to take down the bugs is make contact. It's rechargeable, an indicator light tells you when it's live and it has a built-in LED light.

Give up the foam earplugs and upgrade your concert-going paraphernalia with these high-fidelity earplugs. They help reduce the hearing-damaging decibels of the music — or any loud noise — while letting in what you want to hear by using attenuating filters to reduce the volume of specific frequencies. You can still hear the music. But you will also be able to hear when you leave the concert.

Choosing between handwritten notes and digital note-taking tools can be hard for those of us who enjoy the tactile feeling of pen on paper. But you don't have to choose. This reusable smart notebook lets you have both. Take notes in the notebook. Use the app to transcribe them, make them searchable, and send them to the cloud. When the notebook is full, wipe it clean and start over.

Socks are one place even the most uniform-wearing male can express weird, fun, and goofy personality quirks, without calling too much attention to them. And these patterned dress socks offer so many options. Donuts, math, cats, sharks, and so much more are brightly emblazoned on these mostly cotton socks. And they come in sets of four so this is an affordable form of expression.

When the bolt, hook, or screw he wants to remove is misformed, unusual, or that one size he doesn't have in his tool set, this universal socket tool will save the day. Its many pins enclose the shape of the object he needs to screw or unscrew and does the job.

"This tool is awesome," said one reviewer. "I've used it multiple times and [it] has really gotten me out of [many] a bind."

When you need to carry a rolled-up hose, an awkward pile of lumber, or any other unwieldy item, bring out one of these Wrap-it storage straps and make that task so easy you can carry the hose and lumber at the same time. Just wrap it around your item and lift it with the handle. You can even store it in the strap, hanging from a hook. This is a two-pack.

Finding the time to go to a car detailing place or the energy to haul the vacuum cleaner to the car may be standing between you and a spotlessly clean car. This portable car vacuum will remove that obstacle. It plugs into the lighter, has lots of suction, comes with all the attachments you need — including an extra filter — and is ready when you are. It comes in a storage case to keep all the parts together in your car.

Turn every fire you build into a magical event by tossing a few of these fire color-changing packets into the flames. The fire will burn in a rainbow of colors for over an hour, every time you do it. This is a pack of 12 so you can do it pretty often.

Turn all your angst about nose hair, ear hair, wild eyebrows, unibrows, and random sprouts of facial hair into a no-big-deal, two minutes of personal grooming with this nose trimmer. It operates on batteries and comes with all the combs and blade sizes you need to stay on top of this task.

"[T]hese get the job done instantly with no pulling," said one reviewer.

Take the annoyance out of keeping phones, tablets, e-readers, and every other gadget you have charged with this 6-port USB charging dock. Each device gets its own slot and dedicated charging port. The slots charge quickly and have independent LED indicators to tell you when a device is at 100%. It comes with seven short cables of different types.

The man with a beard is not necessarily a man who knows how to groom a beard. But this beard grooming kit has all the know-how, tools, soap, wax, and balm he needs to become an expert. And it's all zipped into a slick carrying case that makes this travel friendly, too.

"Makes your beard softer, and easier to groom. Tames beard from stray spring-up strands. Smells dreamy," said one reviewer.

Is there a whiskey drinker alive who would not be thrilled to receive this crate full of whiskey accoutrements? The whiskey glasses are hefty cut crystal. The granite whiskey stones come with a storage tray. The slate coasters are high-style. And the whole whiskey set comes in a wooden box that looks like something a bootlegger would have carted on his wagon in the wild west.

A good chef's knife is a must-have for anyone who takes their culinary skills seriously. So this professional-level 8-inch knife will be a treasured gift. It's affordable and yet rendered in high-carbon stainless steel that shows up sharp and is easy to keep that way — especially since it comes with an excellent sharpener and an edge guard. The handle is balanced and feels good in the hand and it is part of a line of similar knives so it can be the start of a collection.

If you and your bearded man fight over the beard litter he tends to leave in the sink, this beard apron is the aid you both need. He fits it to his neck, sticks it to the mirror, and shaves. And there's almost no cleanup and no sink mess afterward because it catches all the debris before it hits the sink.

"This may save my marriage," said one reviewer.

Traveling is so much easier with this toiletry bag that opens up to hang all your personal care items from a convenient hook. You never have to unpack so you won't leave anything behind. The one big pouch is the perfect place for bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and other large items. The smaller mesh pockets hold easy-to-lose tools, serums, and cosmetics. It comes in four colors.

Transform not only your bathroom but also your own standard of cleanliness with this bidet toilet attachment that delivers an upside-down shower to your nether bits at the touch of a dial. It's easy to install and taps the clean water supply to your toilet. You will save so much on toilet paper, it will pay for itself.

"I can't remember the last time we bought toilet paper," said one reviewer.

Drop this grill press on top of your burgers on the BBQ and its nearly three pounds of cast-iron weight will help press out the unwanted fats and oil from the meat while adding dramatic grill marks to the patties. It's great for making pressed panini sandwiches on the stove, too.

If you are going to wear bling, you may as well make it something that can save your if the apocalypse hits while you are out. This paracord bracelet looks slick and is also 10 feet of durable paracord, a fire starter, a striker, an emergency whistle, and a compass. The size adjusts to fit.

Keep this windshield cleaner handy in the car and you will never have to fight with the heat and AC to get a clear view of the road — or resort to wiping the windshield with your sleeve. It removes condensation and fog quickly and can be used wet or dry.

Clean up the cords that slither all over your house by snapping them down in these cable clips. This kit has every size you need, from the singles that are perfect for keeping your phone charger from sliding under the bed to the four-slot clips that will tame every cord on your desk.

Turn your soup or cereal into a game by eating them out of this hockey mug with a net. You can toss the Goldfish or croutons into the soup by bounding them off the net. Or make it fun to add fruit or marshmallow projectiles to your cereal or hot chocolate.

Coffee is always an excellent gift and this bourbon barrel-aged coffee takes that excellence a step further. This is three 4-ounce bags of whole bean Sumatra, Rwandan, and Ethiopian coffee that have spent enough time in bourbon and rum barrels to be infused with their flavor and scent.

"The added effect of the barrel aging is very apparent in the aroma and taste of all four of these coffees," said one reviewer. "We fell in love immediately and will definitely be ordering larger bags of our favorites."

Grinding the coffee beans immediately before you brew the coffee makes your brew so much fresher than if you bought the coffee already ground. This spice and coffee grinder is a great way to start doing just that. It's also the ideal tool for grinding all your spices and herbs. Just plug it in and press the button for fresh flavor.

Pour-over coffee is often the coffee snob's brew of choice, though it's more effort than auto-brewing a huge pot. That's why cafés charge so much for it. At home, with this pour-over coffee maker, it's a pleasant morning ritual. The carafe is shaped perfectly so the stainless steel mesh filter fits into the top and a cool-touch collar around the neck makes it easy to pour your just-brewed cuppa into a mug.

The secret to enjoying delicious, foamy coffee drinks at home is not to buy an expensive espresso machine and steamer. It's this milk frother. It will froth whatever milk you enjoy to a foam in seconds so you can enjoy a café au lait every day at home. Just dip the whisk into the milk and press the big button on top. It even comes with a stand so you can store it on the counter.

This collection of vinyl record coasters will bring a bit of retro fun to his decor and make cocktail night a hit. They are small and coaster-sized but look just like vinyl records, right down to the tracks on the vinyl and the labels. The labels will give everyone a laugh, too. There are rubber disks on the bottom to protect the furniture.

Losing those expensive Airpods is annoying and costly. Prevent that by wearing them securely around your neck in this magnetic Airpods strap. It grips them firmly and allows you to use them while they are installed in the strap. The strap snaps together magnetically while it's around your neck so you don't lose them. It comes in 17 colors.

Anyone who enjoys a steak at home or on the grill may struggles to cook that meat to the perfect doneness on their own. Enter a good meat thermometer. This one — with a flip-out probe and bright LED display — is the one to own. It turns on when you deploy the probe, reads instantly, has a backlight, will read the temperature out loud if you can't see the screen, and will stick to the fridge or grill magnetically.

If his beard is a bit wild, it may just need a little TLC. Invite that by gifting him this three-pack of premium beard wash bars. The lather will gently wash and condition his whiskers while the walnut granules exfoliate his skin. According to the brand, he will come out of the shower with a tamer beard and no itching.

"This works great, lathers up real good," said one reviewer. "I used it on my beard and body and it just made everything feel soft and [smell] great.

Give these shoe deodorizer balls a twist to release the scent and drop them into shoes, gym bags, the dirty laundry bin, or even into your drawers. They will infuse that interior with a fresh scent. They’re made to last for months — just twist shut when not in use.

"I use these in my husband's work boots," said one reviewer. "They last a long time to keep the smell away!!"

A good belt is the sort of accessory everyone needs. So this leather belt makes a great gift. The 100% leather belt is soft and supple — and just under 2 inches wide — and the simple silver buckle with two leather loops to reign in the overage is effective without being flashy. It comes in a canvas bag that's ideal for storage and travel.

Prevent that annoying moment when you realize that your coffee — too hot to sip when you set it on your desk — is stone cold because you got caught up in work and forgot it. Set it on this mug warmer and your beverage will cool to the perfect sipping temperature, and stay right there till you drink it.

"It is so great to have your coffee stay hot (not too hot) for as long as it takes [...] to drink it," said one reviewer. "I have one for working and one for relaxing on the weekends."

Why do the best ideas tend to happen in the shower when you can't write them down? Outsmart your brain by sticking this waterproof notepad to the shower wall and capturing your thoughts where they happen. No ideas? Leave a love note for whoever you share the shower with. The sheet notepad clings securely with two suction cups and comes with pencils that have their own suction cups.

Help him take recovery day seriously by gifting this foam roller that is the perfect size for working the kinks out of tight muscles in the back, thighs, and glutes. It also comes in handy when doing yoga or Pilates. It comes in six colors and well over 7,000 people said, "Five stars!"

This charger stand creates the most functional (and adorable) bedside display out of your Apple Watch and its charger. Just thread the charger into the stand and set your watch on it. Now your watch is an alarm clock. It comes in nine colors that match the Apple Watch band colors.

The best way to make perfect, crispy bacon without also making a mess is to microwave it. This bacon tray makes that task even easier. Plus, it lets you make more bacon at once than the plate and paper-towel method. Just hang your bacon on the rack, lay a paper towel over it to prevent splatter, and microwave it for one minute per slice. The grease drops the to basin below, your bacon is perfect, and there is no pan to wash.

This bacon grease container would make a terrific companion gift to go with the bacon cooker but it's also awesome on its own for anyone who likes to fry eggs, pop popcorn, or cook other things in leftover bacon grease. It stores it neatly, pours it easily, strains out the bacon bits, and has a lid to keep the grease clean.

"Finally, a natural way to take the smell away!" said one reviewer about this natural deodorant. No one wants to slather dangerous ingredients onto their body. But smelling ‘ripe’ isn't fun either. This delicious-smelling deodorant asks you to do neither. It uses Arrowroot powder, charcoal, and postbiotics to help stop the pit smell without the bad stuff. There are four scent options and this is a two-pack.

If he likes to hike or camp, he needs How to Stay Alive in the Woods. At the very least, it will provide some informative reading in the tent. But, if he ever finds himself stranded out there, it will teach him how to catch game, what plants to eat, how to build a shelter, and all kinds of useful skills that will help keep him alive.

When the coffee is hot and you want it iced, this iced coffee maker will take that beverage from warm to ice cold in five minutes. Just store the steel mug in the freezer. When you want a cold one, pour your beverage into the mug and wait a few minutes.

"Makes having iced coffee easy," said one reviewer. "Sometimes it is so cold that I have a little bit of coffee slushie."


Keep this personal water filter in your everyday bag because this thing can turn a puddle into clean drinking water. Its internal microfiltration system removes more than 99% of waterborne bacteria — the stuff that makes you sick — and waterborne parasites. Just stick in the water and sip.

Pizza's ready — get out the power tools! This circular saw pizza wheel cuts right through the thick and crispy crust and all the toppings and it gives a man — even one who isn't adept with such dangerous tools — the warm and cozy feeling of making tasty DIY projects in a wood shop. The stainless steel blade is sharp and having the handle right over the blade gives excellent leverage.

Turn any pair of lace-up shoes into slip-ons by installing these no-tie shoelaces into them. They make your shoes look stylish and wear more comfortably because the stretch of the laces helps reduce pressure on your feet.

"I used them to replace the strings into a pair of Vans sneakers and they changed my life," said one reviewer. "The shoes are so easy to slip on and off."

Drop this handy grill mat down on your grill and cook the food on it instead of directly on the grates. Nothing will fall through, it can withstand temperatures up to 600 degrees, and your food — and the grill — will stay clean while you cook. Nearly 14,000 people gave these five stars.

"They retained heat and cooked the food in less time," said one reviewer. "Without sticking or burning, and bonus[:] I got those beautiful grill marks."

This clever, heavy duty front bumper guard — and frame for your car's license plate — adds a dense cushion around the plate to prevent damage from minor impacts. These things tend to happen when parking or maneuvering parking lots and urban areas, and this cushion could save you a lot of money and hassle.

"If you live in a [city]," said one reviewer, "You will need one of these!"

This microfiber drying towel makes getting your car clean and streak-free — fast — so much easier. It absorbs two times the water as a traditional towel so you can keep right on drying and shining with fewer stops to ring out your cloth. It's big, too, and over 12,000 people rated it five stars.

Christina X. Wood