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SnapGrip modular magnetic phone camera set

Apr 26, 2023

1:59 pm November 14, 2022 By Julian Horsey

If you already create content using your phone or would like to create more professional content, whether it be video, photographs, podcasts or simply capturing home videos or photographs. You may be interested in a new set of accessories created by the team of engineers at ShiftCam as the new SnapGrip. Originally funded via Kickstarter, the project raised over $845,000 and has now made the jump from concept into production. The latest offering builds on the companies previous professional range of phone grips and now offers a more affordable version with all the versatility you would expect from the professional range.

Designed to provide users with a modular range of accessories the SnapGrip system has been specifically created to take your mobile phone photography and videography to the next level and can be used with any phone. Fitted with magnets the system works perfectly with Apple MagSafe iPhones (iPhone 12 and above have MagSafe). Don't worry if your phone isn't equipped with MagSafe as the SnapGrip box, includes an adhesive, magnetic disc, allowing you to use the system with any non-magnetic case or phone. Once fitted with system allows you to gain more control of your phone when creating, as well as providing more stability, illumination and a wealth of versatility.

As soon as you start, handling the different components, you soon realize that a lot of thought and effort has gone into each accessory. Enabling you to combine them in different ways, thanks to the magnetic modular design. As you can see from the photos above and below, the system comprises three modular accessories that can be used separately, or combined in several ways depending on your needs. Designed to be highly portable the system also comes complete with its own carrying case.

The first module is the main SnapGrip which takes the form of a magnetic phone grip, that doubles as a battery pack and shutter release button. When fitted the grip allows you to keep your phone steadier when filming video and makes it easy to capture photographs thanks to the easily accessible shutter release button. The ergonomic handle also features a rechargeable battery and cannot only power itself but also keeps your phone topped up wirelessly during filming. Providing enough battery juice to double your recording time.

The SnapGrip phone grip can be used both in landscape and portrait orientations and is easily rotated 180° allowing you to quickly create YouTube Shorts, TikTok videos and more when an idea strikes. The grip also doubles and a handy phone stand, again allowing you to view your screen, both in landscape and portrait orientations on a flat surface. Perfect for making video calls and viewing and editing recorded video.

The second accessory is the SnapPod a magnetic tripod and handle, that allows you to position your phone for hands-free, video recording and more. The SnapPod tripod when folded makes a useful selfie stick, allowing you to position your camera at the perfect angle when creating selfie content.

Use the magnetic tripod to capture video footage, hands-free, during tutorials or demonstrations. The magnetic fitting also allows you to attach the SnapLight camera light on its own if you would like, to illuminate your subject from a different angle as your record.

The last component in the trio is the SnapLight, a magnetic lighting module that provides extra illumination when filming inside or in low light conditions allowing you to illuminate your subject easily when needed without the need to carry heavy or bulky lighting equipment. Thanks to the unique flip design of the light, it also allows you to reverse its orientation enabling you to illuminate yourself when capturing selfies or recording videos when using the front facing camera of your phone. The light also features a handy mirror allowing you to make last-minute checks before you record. As well as four levels of brightness allowing you to select just how much illumination you need, depending on your surroundings.

Multiple lights can be used with one attached to your phone and the other to the tripod to provide illumination from another angle. Simply add or remove the magnetic accessories you need quickly and efficiently. Thanks to the compact, lightweight design, you can carry the different modules in your pocket quickly fitting them when needed.

Available in five different colours the phone camera accessory set can be combined with other SnapGrip products such as lenses and microphones enabling you to add even more creativity and professionalism to your content. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the SnapGrip modular magnetic phone accessories.

All three SnapGrip accessories combine perfectly to provide phone creators with a lightweight modular camera grip, light and tripod that can be used in a variety of different combinations. Providing a versatile set of creative tools that are small enough to carry with you wherever you may go. Several different bundles are available to purchase depending on your style and creative needs with prices starting from $69.99 for the SnapGrip camera grip module.


$129.99 – SnapGrip Creator Kit includes SnapGrip, SnapPod, SnapLight, Free SnapGrip Exclusive Pouch

$199.99 – SnapGrip Creator Kit Plus includes SnapGrip Creator Kit + SnapShoe, ProMic

$389.99 – SnapGrip Creator Kit Max includes SnapGrip Creator Plus + extra SnapShoe, TravelPod Pro, ProLEDs | RGBWW Panel

Specifications of the SnapGrip include measurements of 113.3 mm x 81.74 mm x 34.1 mm with the integral 3.7V, 3200 mAh, 11.84Wh power bank offering a total power output of 1A 5W and is Qi compatible, while the USB-C Input can accept DC 5V, 2A and 10W. The SnapGrip phone accessories weigh in at a portable 127g approximately.

For more details on all the available, bundles and accessories, jump over to the official ShiftCam website by following the link below. I can highly recommend the system to anyone who would like to take their photography or videos to the next level, without the need to purchase expensive and bulky lights and tripods.

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