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Clever things that make your home look & smell better with almost no effort

Apr 02, 2023

They make it so easy to freshen up your space.

Want to make your home look better or get rid of some lingering smells — but are pressed for time? There are plenty of clever things on Amazon that will do the job with zero stress on your part. From foolproof ways to keep closets and sink drains smelling fresh, to little tricks that’ll improve the overall aesthetic of your space, you’ll find it here.

With these smart products, making your home look great and smell even better doesn't have to give you a brain cramp. They’re good for your home and good for you — because you’ll barely have to lift a finger.

If you need to knock out some odors — but don't want to deal with heavily fragranced solutions — these bamboo charcoal bags are your best bet. The smell-neutralizing charcoal is packed into linen bags that are small enough to stash in your closet, near your pile of gym shoes, or right next to the litter box. You can even hang them with the included hooks.

A little accent lighting can go a long way in upgrading the look of your home — and this puck light is a cheap and easy way to get it. The battery-operated light can be installed on the underside of bookshelves or kitchen cabinets, installing easily with the included double-sided adhesive or hardware. You can tap it on and off, or set the timer from between 15 minutes and two hours.

If your cat or dog is prone to leaving some surprise messes around the house, it's worth keeping this odor eliminator on hand. Boasting more than 60,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, it dissolves lingering smells and infuses surfaces with a fresh, citrusy scent. It's safe to use on carpet, fabric, tile, and furniture upholstery.

Letting some light shine through your windows is an instant way to infuse new energy into your space, and these linen-blend sheers can help you do it on the cheap. The natural fabric filters light while still allowing for some privacy, and the nickel grommets make them easy to hang. Choose from understated colors like sea mist and dove gray.

Turn your living space into a spa-like oasis with this aromatherapy diffuser that’ll release a mist of your favorite essential oil scents. Not only that, but the diffuser doubles as a Bluetooth speaker, so you can play relaxing music while you reap the benefits of aromatherapy. The diffuser also features an LED clock and the option to set timers, so the machine will go off when you want it to.

Outfit your aromatherapy setup with these 10 essential oils that are non-GMO, organic, and therapeutic-grade. The set includes scents like lavender to promote relaxation, eucalyptus to help clear sinuses, and peppermint to boost energy. The carrying case makes it easy to store this collection, then pull it out when needed.

Nothing can dull the look of your bathroom like mineral buildup. This hard water stain remover, though, works wonders on fixtures, shower glass, tubs, and tiles. (You can even use it outdoors on your pool.) It effortlessly gets rid of stains caused by calcium, phosphorous, and lime scale — just apply, scrub, and wipe clean with a cloth.

Sick of smelly sponges? These silicone scrubbers are your fix. Unlike standard sponges, they dry quickly, which helps inhibit germ growth and all the unpleasant odors that come with it. (In fact, they even leave behind a summery peach fragrance.) They’re tough enough to tackle pots and pans, and can be cleaned in the dishwasher when they need a refresh.

Stainless steel appliances: When they’re shiny, they look great. When they’re smudged and hazy? Not so much. This highly rated stainless steel cleaning kit keeps your appliances looking sleek by removing fingerprints and grease and leaving behind a nice gloss. Even better, it creates a protective coating that helps prevent future smudges and cloudiness.

Keeping an open can of cat or dog food in the fridge is a sure way get some bad smells going. Put a lid on that odor (literally) with these pet food can covers that create a tighter seal than plastic wrap or foil. Made from BPA-free silicone, the lids have a universal fit, so they’re compatible with most cans.

All kinds of gunk goes down your kitchen sink disposal, which can lead to a buildup of nasty smells over time. Freshen things up with these garbage disposal cleaners that use baking soda to eliminate odors of all kinds. They couldn't be easier to use: Just run the faucet and disposal, then drop in a tablet.

Have a coffee table or dresser cluttered with your favorite things? Create a space for them with these floating shelves that mount to a corner. The five-tier shelf is perfectly sized for picture frames, succulents, and mementos — or anything else you want to show off. Choose from colors like understated gray, weathered turquoise, and natural walnut.

Your washing machine does a great job of getting stains and odors out of your laundry — but the appliance itself can start to smell after some time. This washing machine cleaner refreshes the entire setup — from the drum to the filter to the pump — and all you have to do is run an empty cycle. It's a fan favorite, with a 4.6-star overall rating after 197,000 reviews.

These woven rope baskets are a versatile solution that can help you corral clutter all over the house — and they look good while doing it. Available in a range of understated shades, they’re made from thick, sturdy cotton with reinforced handles. Use them for dog toys, extra towels in the bathroom, laundry supplies, and more.

Spruce up your bathroom with this grout pen that helps conceal any discoloration between your tiles. The water-based colorant can be applied with the marker-style tip, making it easy to complete the job. It covers up to 150 feet — enough for a whole bathroom.

Nix litter box smells at the source with this odor eliminator. Made with corncob granules and essential oils, the formula absorbs moisture and neutralizes smells at the molecular level. Just sprinkle a layer on top of the litter and you’re set. You can even use this to keep odors at bay in trash compactors, garbage cans, and kennels.

Whether you have some thrifted pieces you want to fix up, or just some furniture that's in need of some TLC, this wood repair kit can help. It comes with six markers and six crayons that fill in small dents and conceal scuffs or other imperfections, so that your piece will look good as new. The set includes various shades like maple, oak, and cherry.

Got a smelly corner of the house but no room for an air purifier? This compact plug-in air purifier is a great solution that measures just 7 inches across. It helps reduce odors caused by pets, cooking, and cleaning fumes, and it even features a built-in UV-C light that may help eliminate certain airborne germs. One reviewer wrote, "This works great. I have it next to the cat litter and it totally eliminates the smell. You would never know there is a cat box in that room."

One way to keep your home looking pristine? Keep dirt, mud, and leaves from getting tracked into your front hallway. This doormat made from coconut coir is up to the task, as the tough fibers trap debris with no problem. A nonslip backing keeps it in place on your front step as you wipe your feet.

Spritz this linen spray over your bedding, and you’ll be so happy to crawl between the sheets each night. Made from natural, plant-derived ingredients, it comes in gorgeous scents like amber cashmere and lavender. While it adds a soothing, relaxing fragrance to your bedding, you can also just go ahead and spritz your whole laundry pile.

Tidy up your kitchen counter by getting rid of your bulky knife block and replacing it with this magnetic bar that mounts to the wall. The 16-inch strip has a sleek, natural design and comes in your choice of two finishes: bamboo or oak. And it's not just for knives; try it with kitchen shears, whisks, or anything else you can magnetize to it.

Want instant mood lighting? This Himalayan salt light does the trick. Not only does it give off a soft amber glow, but it releases negative ions that can help purify the air. The hand-carved rock sits on a rose wood base, and features a dimmer, so you can get just the right amount of illumination for your space.

Dealing with soap scum buildup? This shower curtain liner is resistant to the stuff, so you never have to take the curtain down to scrub it. Made from heavy-gauge material, it's sturdy and long-lasting, with a weighted hem that keeps it from flying around while you shower. The rustproof grommets on top make it easy to hang.

Bid farewell to musty-smelling closets and dresser drawers once you have this 40-pack of cedar blocks. The warm, woodsy scent counteracts any old-clothing odors, but pulls double-duty by fending off moths, too. You’ll get a combination of discs that slip neatly onto your hangers as well as balls that you can stuff into the corners of drawers.

Keeping your tub and other bathroom surfaces looking clean as a whistle doesn't have to be a big chore — these power drill attachments actually make short work of the job. They install directly onto your cordless drill and deep clean without any elbow grease on your part. The set includes three brushes, so you can handle a variety of tasks, from shower corners to faucet fixtures.

Damp sponges are hot spots for germ growth — and that usually results in some pretty unpleasant smells. The fix? Ensuring your sponge dries quickly. This sponge holder elevates your scrubber, so it gets more airflow, which in turn, will help keep bacteria and odors at bay. Just as good, giving your scrubber a permanent home will make your sink area look more organized.

That layer of grease on your kitchen cabinets? It's actually surprisingly easy to get rid of with this kitchen cabinet cream that reviewers have called the "best cleaner." With just a little effort, it removes grease and food stains, then leaves behind a gorgeous sheen. You can use it on painted, laminated, and natural cabinets— and it works great on other wood surfaces, too.

Storing out-of-season clothes, Christmas decor, and extra linens under your bed is a great use of space — but it looks cluttered if you can see it when you walk into the room. This bed skirt conceals everything, and features tailored pleats that add a polished touch to any bedroom. Made from durable, wrinkle-resistant microfiber, it has a 14-inch drop to fit most frames.

More than 100,000 five-star reviews can't be wrong — this pet hair roller is arguably the best way to remove fur from your furniture. The velveteen roller traps hair like magic, then stores it in the catch chamber for disposal. Just a few swipes across your sofa or bedspread, and no one would ever know you have pets at home.

Reviewers have reported these scented candles look "gorgeous" and smell like "heaven." They come in a range of scents like garden-fresh lemongrass and basil, cabin-worthy pine wood, and elegant lilac rose. Each one is set in a black or gold jar and finished with a wood wick that crackles for extra ambience.

Fried foods are delicious, but the grease that splashes back and leaves your clothes and your walls a mess is a real hassle. This splatter screen is made from a fine, sturdy stainless steel mesh. Designed to allow steam to escape while keeping the grease inside, the screen keeps your walls and stove clean and tidy — not to mention your clothes. It's rustproof and cleans easily in the dishwasher.

Whether you’re enjoying a glass solo or with a few friends, it seems inevitable there's going to be a spill. Don't panic, because this stain remover ensures that even the toughest red wine stains, will lift — and it also works on blood, grass, and grease. This carpet- and furniture-saving formula is biodegradable and pH-neutral.

It's so annoying to find the latest beard trimmings all over the vanity or worse — clogging the sink. This genius beard apron solves that problem by catching all that hair for easy disposal after shaving. It attaches around the neck, then has suction cups that secure to the mirror to create a mini hammock for trimmings.

Turn your morning shower into a spa experience with these shower steamers that release fragrance the moment the water hits them. Made with natural ingredients and essential oils, these steamers offer unparalleled aromatherapy right at home. Also great for gifting, the set includes a mix of relaxing and invigorating scents.

"Chill Bill" doesn't just hang out in your fridge, as the name would suggest — he also keeps your refrigerator free from any unwanted odors. Just fill Bill with baking soda, and then plop him in your fridge. With Bill as your resident deodorizer, you’ll chuckle every time you get a snack (so much more fun than a yellow cardboard box).

Decant your olive oil and balsamic vinegar into these dispensers for a look that doubles as decor. Made from glass, the set comes with four spouts — two with flip tops and two with caps to seal them — that make drip-free pouring easy. The set also comes with a funnel for easy filling. Choose from three glass tints: amber, clear, and green.

When your closet starts to get that certain funk to it, look to your everyday kicks first. These odor eliminators keep shoes smelling fresh with the help of essential oils and deodorizing tea molecules that absorb unpleasant smells while leaving behind a light, pleasant scent. Also great for gym bags and school lockers, each ball lasts for up to a month.

Give your bathroom storage an upscale look with these apothecary jars that are an ideal way to organize cotton balls, cotton swabs, makeup remover rounds, and more. They’re made from clear glass, so you can keep an eye on your supply at all times, and they’re topped with attractive bamboo lids. Use them in the office, too, for small items like binder clips or rubber bands.

Keep your drains clear and odor-free — sans smelly, toxic chemicals — with these drain sticks. Safe for use with even disposals, these sticks use enzymes to eat up grease, food waste, hair, and anything else that causes clogs and odors. Place one in the drain once a month for maintenance. You can think beyond the sink, too: They’re great for your tub drain and even your toilet tank.

Giving you a choice of 16 million colors in addition to both warm and cool white, this smart bulb will cast any room in your home in a more flattering light. It's controlled via an app on your phone from anywhere there's Wi-Fi, so you can set schedules or turn the brightness up, even when you’re away from home. You can also control it via your voice assistant when you’re lounging and don't want to bother to get up to adjust anything.

Cuddle up in the luxury you deserve with this microfiber comforter that's earned a 4.6-star overall rating after more than 100,000 reviews. Available in a wide variety of colors, it can be used as a duvet insert or on its own to turn your bed into a sumptuous nest. This comforter is the perfect weight for year-round use, and you won't have to deal with bunching, as the quilted pattern keeps the hypoallergenic filling in place.

When you see 120,000 reviewers give a product a perfect five-star rating, it's a sure thing — and that's definitely the case when it comes to this cleaning paste. The Pink Stuff works on everything from pots and pans to car tires to jewelry. It's strong enough to remove even the toughest stains, but doesn't leave scratches on delicate items.

If you have pets — or even children — at home, it's easy to end up with a case of stinky carpet, but this deodorizer will freshen it right up. Made with gentle but effective ingredients like baking soda and essential oils, it's safe to use on upholstered furniture as well as carpet. Just sprinkle a layer on the surface, leave on for five minutes, then vacuum up.

Have you always wanted a tile backsplash but didn't want to put in the time and effort or spend the money to hire an expert? Make the upgrade yourself today with these peel-and-stick tiles that look so realistic. Featuring a 3-D design, they’re heat- and moisture-resistant. The sheets install quickly and are easy to trim.

Looking up at your dusty ceiling fan can really ruin a good nap. Don't let one more day go by without this ceiling fan duster that telescopes, so you can get it nice and clean without standing on a chair or teetering on your bed. It features a microfiber head that traps the dust like a magnet, so it doesn't rain down on you as you use it. The head can be removed and machine washed for reuse.